A United Voice
to Congress and the DoD, funding opportunities through the AMTC OTA, and networking opportunities with other vertical lift companies.
Funding Opportunities
through the AMTC OTA and minimized cash flow challenges through rapid, single-point contracting of CAO (ATI) and advanced payments for approved projects from the Government to ATI.
Networking Opportunities
for small companies and non-traditional suppliers to identify opportunities and establish customer relationships with Government and other members.



The VLC has an open membership policy. Any legally constituted not-for-profit or for-profit entity (including any corporation, partnership, limited liability company, proprietorship, or academic or research and development organization) shall be eligible to be a member of the Corporation if such entity meets the following requirements:

  1. Membership in the Corporation shall be limited to U.S. companies, firms, organizations, institutions, or other entities organized or existing under the laws of the United States, its territories, or possessions that either:

    1. are controlled and substantially owned by citizens of the United States, as defined by Section 120.15 of the International Traffic in Arms Regulations;
    2. are under Foreign Ownership, Control, or Influence (“FOCI”) and are FOCI-mitigated, and possess a facility clearance (“FCL”) for the appropriate classification; or
    3. have acknowledged in writing, in a form prescribed by the Board, their understanding of applicable U.S. export control laws and regulations and their obligations thereunder, as well as their responsibility for compliance therewith.
    4. are willing and able to comply with all terms of the OT Agreement and to enter into subcontract agreements with the Corporation under the terms and conditions of the OT Agreement to perform such proposed activities as may be selected by the U.S. Government.
  2. Any member whose application has been approved by the Board in accordance with Section 5.3 of the Bylaws and is in compliance with these qualifications and conditions and is current on their annual dues, is a member in good standing.


An application with all necessary documentation can be processed in as little as 1-2 business days. However, it can take up to several weeks if an applicant needs to obtain a DD2345 or update any expired certificates (SAM.gov, DD2345, DUNS, CAGE). ) If you have questions regarding these documents, please contact us at VLC@ati.org.


For calendar year 2021 from January 1, 2021 – December 31, 2021, VLC approved the following dues structure. Dues are pro-rated on a monthly basis if an organization joins after March of that year.

Total Annual Revenue Dues Amount
<$100M, Universities, Not-for-Profits $500
>$100M $5,000

Please note that there is an assessment fee on all project awards as outlined in the AMTC Base Agreement.


Class Description
Large Domestic OEM Must have: (1) had at least $1 billion in vertical lift-related sales to the U.S. military during most recent fiscal year; (2) employ at least 500 engineers engaged in vertical lift-related research and development in the United States; and (3) have design authority for vertical lift aircraft.
Large Traditional Must have at least $250 million in vertical lift-related sales to the U.S. military during most recent fiscal year.
Supplier Must (1) produce or integrate equipment for vertical lift aircraft and technologies manufactured within the United States or (2) design and supply materials or products, perform systems integration, or provide other services or support for use in the vertical lift aircraft and technologies manufacturing process in the United States.
Academic & Non-Profit Must be either (1) a U.S. university or (2) a U.S. nonprofit organization active in vertical lift research.
Small VTOL R&D Must be a for-profit entity that is significantly involved in active research for vertical lift production, flight characteristics, performance, equipment, engines, avionics, transmissions, or related materials, or provides other services or support, for vertical lift aircraft and technologies manufactured within the U.S.
Engine Must produce engines for vertical lift aircraft manufactured in the U.S.
Other Contractor Membership Category for those who do not identify with one of the other Membership Categories


A DD Form 2345 is required by U.S. contractors that wish to obtain access to unclassified technical data disclosing militarily critical technology with military or space application that is under the control of, or in the possession of the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD).

Many of ATI-managed consortia require prospective members to obtain a DD Form 2345. In order to obtain a DD Form 2345, an organization is required to have a CAGE code. An organization must register in the System for Award Management (SAM) in order to obtain a CAGE code. Lastly, in order to register in SAM, an organization will first need to receive a Dun and Bradstreet number (D-U-N-S). Your business Tax ID number, bank account, bank routing number and business address are also necessary.

For more information, please view ATI’s training video and PDF document on how to obtain a DD Form 2345 Certification.


Complete DD2345 Form Instructions can be found here: DD Form 2345 Instructions (March 2021)