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READY TO SUPPORT THE DoD FUTURE VERTICAL LIFT STRATEGY VERTICAL LIFT CONSORTIUM OUR MISSION is to work collaboratively with the U.S. Government to develop and transition innovative vertical lift technologies to rapidly and affordably meet warfighter needs. TECHNOLOGY AREAS Rotorcraft Structures, Flight Operations
Avionics and Networks Communications
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The VLC is a collaboration of over 200 vertical lift organizations including large original equipment manufacturers, large contractors, suppliers, engine manufacturers, academia/ nonprofit, small vertical takeoff and landing organizations and the Vertical Flight Society.

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  • Aeromechanics
  • Rotorcraft Structures
  • Vehicle Management Systems
  • Rotorcraft Subsystems
  • Transmissions and Drives Systems
  • Engines and Motors
  • Other Power Sources
  • Survivability
  • Teaming and Autonomy
  • Human Systems Interfaces
  • Avionics and Networks Communications
  • Engagement and Effects
  • Operations Support and Sustainment
  • Flight Operations
  • Aerial Systems Concept Evaluation
  • Systems Effectiveness Analysis