Current Members

Membership in the VLC offers a united industry voice to Congress and the DoD, funding opportunities through the AMTC OTA and networking opportunities with other vertical lift companies. Members also receive access to the Members Only Website that contains past meeting and event information as well as current solicitations, and membership listings.
Current Members


Company NameClassNontraditional Status
A3 Company, Inc. Defense ContractorYes
A3 Systems Corporation VTOL R&DNo
ABL Space System Company VTOL R&DYes
Ace Electronics Defense Systems LLC
Acqusition Systems Associates, Inc. Defense ContractorYes
Advanced Rotorcraft Technology VTOL R&DYes
Aegis Power Systems, Inc.
AeroVironment, Inc. Defense ContractorYes
Agility Technical Solutions LLC
AirShip Technologies Group VTOL R&DYes
Alluvionic, Inc.
Altair Engineering Defense ContractorYes
Amentum Services, Inc. ContractorNo
Analytical Mechanics Associates Defense ContractorYes
Ansys, Inc.
Applied Composites - San Diego
Arcturus UAV, Inc. VTOL R&DYes
Area-I, Inc. Defense ContractorYes
Arete Associates VTOL R&DYes
Ascent AeroSystems VTOL R&DYes
ATA Engineering, Inc. VTOL R&DYes
Atlas Business Consulting, Inc. Defense ContractorYes
Aurora Flight Sciences
Aveox, Inc.
Avilution LLC VTOL R&DYes
AVINK Defense Solutions, Inc VTOL R&DYes
Avion Solutions, Inc.
AVX Aircraft company VTOL R&DYes
Axient LLC Defense ContractorNo
Axxeum, Inc. VTOL R&DNo
BAE Systems, IESI, Inc. ContractorNo
Bascom Hunter Technologies, Inc.
Bell Textron OEMsNo
Berry Aviation, Inc. VTOL R&DYes
Beta Technologies VTOL R&DYes
Blue Force Technologies
Boneal Aerospace
Bradshaw Engineering & Technical Services, LLC Defense ContractorYes
Breault Research Organization
Breeze-Eastern LLC
Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc. Defense ContractorNo
Cervello Technologies, LLC Defense ContractorYes
CFD Research Corp. Defense ContractorYes
Cintel, Inc. VTOL R&DYes
CMC Electronics Aurora LLC
Collins Aerospace
Colorado Engineering, Inc. dba CAES Advanced Technology & Engineering (AT&E)
COLSA Corporation
Continuum Dynamics, Inc. VTOL R&DYes
DY4, Inc.
Cypress International Defense ContractorYes
Damping Technologies, Inc. Defense ContractorYes
DANTE Solutions, Inc. Defense ContractorYes
Daylight Defense, LLC.
DC Shidler Consulting, LLCNAOther Defense ContractorYes
Deloitte Consulting LP Defense ContractorNo
Design West Technologies, Inc Defense ContractorYes
DRS Network & Imaging Systems LLC
Dynamic Aviation Group, Inc. Defense ContractorYes
ECI Defense Group VTOL R&DYes
Edge Case Research, Inc. Defense ContractorYes
ElbitAmerica, Inc.NASupplierNo
Elevate Systems Defense ContractorYes
Elphel, Inc. Defense ContractorYes
Empirical Systems Aerospace, Inc. VTOL R&DYes
Enduralock, LLC
ERG Aerospace Corporation
EXB Solutions, Inc.
Exyn Technologies, Inc. Defense ContractorYes
Flight Test & Mechanical Solution, Inc. Defense ContractorYes
ForceX, Inc.
Foster Miller dba QinetiQ, Inc.
Galois, Inc. VTOL R&DYes
GATR Technologies, Inc. Defense ContractorNo
GE Aviation
General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc. ContractorNo
General Dynamics
Genesis Scientific, Inc. (GSI)NASmall VTOL R&DYes
Georgia Institute of Technology
Georgia Tech Research Institute
Griffon Aerospace VTOL R&DYes
Guest Associates VTOL R&DYes
Helicoid Industries, Inc. Defense ContractorYes
Honeywell International
Idaho Scientific LLC
IERUS Technologies, Inc. VTOL R&DYes
IMSAR LLC Defense ContractorYes
Infinity Labs LLC Defense ContractorYes
Insitu, Inc. VTOL R&DNo
Integral & Open Systems, Inc.
Integrated Solutions for Systems, Inc. Defense ContractorYes
Integration Innovation, Inc.
Inter-Coastal Electronics, Inc.
Intellisense Systems, Inc.
Intertec Engineering LLC VTOL R&DYes
Intuitive Research and Technology Corp Defense ContractorYes
IronMountain Solutions Defense ContractorYes
Island Creek Associates LLC Defense ContractorYes
ITSC Secure Solutions Defense ContractorYes
J&E Precision Tool LLC
John H. Northrop & Associates Inc. Defense ContractorYes
Jovian software Consulting Defense ContractorYes
JS Solutions LLC
Karem Aircraft, Inc. VTOL R&DNo
KEF Robotics Defense ContractorNo
Kratos Defense & Rocket Support Services, Inc.
Kraus Hamdani Aerospace, Inc.
KRyanCreative LLC VTOL R&DYes
Kutta Technologies
L3Harris Technologies, Inc.
L3 Aviation Products, Inc., Displays Defense ContractorNo
L3 Communications Integrated systems LP Defense ContractorNo
L3 Integrated Aerospace Systems (L3 IAS)
L3 Technologies, Communication Systems West
Leidos, Inc. Defense ContractorNo
Leonardo Electronics US, Inc.
Linc Research, Inc.NASmall VTOL R&DYes
Lockheed Martin Company OEMsNo
Lynx Software TechnologiesNASmall VTOL R&DNo
M3 Defense Consulting LLCNAOther Defense ContractorYes
M7 Aerospace, LLCNASupplierYes
Machina Labs, Inc.
MACRO Industries
Material Science Corporation VTOL R&DYes
McKinsey & Company, Inc. Washington D.C. Defense ContractorNo
Mercer Engineering Research Center
Mercury Systems, Inc. Defense ContractorNo
Microsoft ContractorYes
Mid-America Applied Technologies Corporation (MATCorp) Defense ContractorYes
Mide Technology Corp. VTOL R&DYes
Mnemonics, Inc. VTOL R&DYes
National Center for Defense Manufacturing and Machining
NEANY, Inc. Defense ContractorNo
Near Earth Autonomy Defense ContractorYes
NextGen Federal Systems VTOL R&DYes
North Atlantic Industries, Inc.
Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation ContractorNo
Northwest UAV
nou Systems, Inc.http://www.nou-systems.comSupplierYes
NTA, Inc. Defense ContractorYes
Okamitsu Jeffrey K dba Blue Force Consulting Defense ContractorYes
Oklahoma State University
On-Line Applications Research Corporation
Orolia Government Systems, Inc.
Pacific Defense Strategies, Inc. Defense ContractorYes
Palantir USG, Inc. Defense ContractorYes
Parker Ostovich & Associates Defense ContractorYes
Parry Labs LLC
Peerless Technologies Corporation Defense ContractorYes
Pennsylvania State Universityhttps://www.vlrcoe.psu.eduAcademic/Non-ProfitYes
PeopleTec, Inc. Defense ContractorYes
Peraton Labs
Piasecki Aircraft Corp. VTOL R&DYes
Pinnacle Solutions, Inc. Defense ContractorYes
Platform Systems, Incorporated Defense ContractorYes
Precision Gear, Inc.
Primordial Labs, Inc. VTOL R&DYes
PSI Manufacturing Operations LLC
Quadrus Advanced Manufacturing, LLC. Defense ContractorYes
Qualis Corporation Defense ContractorYes
Rajant Corporation VTOL R&DYes
Rand Precision Machining Defense ContractorYes
Rapid Imaging Technologies LLC
Rapita Systems, Inc.
Raytheon ContractorNo
Real-Time Innovations
REDCOM Laboratories, Inc. Defense ContractorYes
Reliant Technologies, Inc. VTOL R&DYes
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Research and Engineering Development, LLC
Resolute ISR, Inc. VTOL R&DYes
Rolls-Royce Corporation
Vision Products LLC VTOL R&DYes
Saddle Butte Systems, LLC VTOL R&DYes
Safran Data Systems, Inc
Science and Engineering Services, LLC
ScioTeq LLC
Sentient Science Corp. VTOL R&DYes
Shield Al Inc. VTOL R&DYes
SI2 Technologies
Sierra Lobo, Inc. Defense ContractorNo
Sierra Nevada Corp.
Sigmatech, Inc. Defense ContractorYes
Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation (A Lockheed Martin Company) OEMsNo
Southwest Research Institute (SWRI) Defense ContractorNo
Spirit AeroSystems
SRC, Inc.
Strata-G Solutions
Strategic Ventures Consulting Group LLC Defense ContractorYes
Stratom, Inc. Defense ContractorYes
Sun Test Systems, Inc.
Sunbelt Design & Development, Inc.
Systel, Inc. Rugged Computers
System Dynamics International Incorporated VTOL R&DNo
Systematic, Inc. Defense ContractorYes
Tangram Flex, Inc. VTOL R&DYes
Tec-Masters, Inc. Defense ContractorYes
Telephonics Corp.
Telesat U.S. Services, LLC Defense ContractorYes
TenCate Armor USA Defense ContractorYes
Terma, Inc.
Textron Systems Corp. VTOL R&DNo
Texas Tech University
Thales Components Corporation
Thales Visionix, A Division of Thales Defense & Security, Inc. Defense ContractorNo
The Boeing Company OEMsNo
The Charles Stark Draper Laboratory, Inc.NAAcademic/Non-ProfitNo
The Lockwood Group LLC Defense ContractorYes
The M&P Lab, Inc. dba Lucideon M+P Defense ContractorYes
The Pennsylvania State University
The Protective Group, A Point Blank Company
Tiburon Associates, Inc.
Titan Robotics, Inc.
Tomahawk Robotics VTOL R&DYes
Toray Advanced Composites USA Defense ContractorYes
Toyon Research Corporation VTOL R&DYes
Transcend Air Corporation VTOL R&DYes
Trident World Systems, Inc. VTOL R&DNo
Trideum Corporation VTOL R&DNo
Tucson Embedded Systems
Edge Autonomy Operations LLC Defense ContractorYes
UAV Solutions, Inc. VTOL R&DNo
UEC Electronics
Ultra Command Control and Intelligence
United Protective Technologies, LLC
United Rotorcraft (A Division of Air Methods Corporation)
United Technologies Research Center (UTRC)
Universal Solutions International, Inc. VTOL R&DNo
University of Alabama in Huntsville
University of Maryland - Alfred Gessow Rotorcraft Center
University of South Carolina
University of Texas - Arlington
Urbineer, Inc. VTOL R&DYes
UVision USA Corporation Small VTOL R&D VTOL R&DYes
Venator Soultions, LLC Defense ContractorYes
Vertical Flight Society
Victory Solutions, Inc. VTOL R&DYes
W. L. Gore and Associates
WaveLink Inc. Defense ContractorYes
Werco Manufacturing Defense ContractorYes
Wheeler Business Solutions Defense ContractorYes
Wichita State University
Wilder Systems, LLC VTOL R&DYes
Yulista Integrated Solutions VTOL R&DYes
Yulista Tactical Services LLC Defense ContractorYes
Telspan Data LLC
Hiller Measurements, Inc.https://www.hillermeas.comSupplierYes
Nokomis, Inc. Defense ContractorYes
Beacon Industries, Inc.
Continuous Composites Defense ContractorYes
Mente Systems, Inc.NAOther Defense ContractorYes
Royce Geospatial Consultants, Inc. Defense ContractorYes
Auterion Government Solutions, Inc.
Abaco Systems, Inc.
3rd Coast Insights LLC Defense ContractorYes
Aerovel Corp.
Flairsoft Ltd. VTOL R&DYes
Map Large, Inc. Defense ContractorYes
Sciens Innovations LLChttps://www.sciensinnovations.comSupplierYes
EpiSys Science, Inc. Defense ContractorYes
Charles River Analytics, Inc. VTOL R&DYes
LDRA Technology, Inc. Defense ContractorYes
DornerWorks Defense ContractorYes
Gleason Research Associates, Inc. Defense ContractorYes
Skyline Nav AI, Inc. VTOL R&DYes
IAI North America, Inc.
Wind River Systems, Inc.
Spratley Consulting LLChttps://spratleyconsulting.comOther Defense ContractorYes
Vertex Modernization and Sustainment LLC Defense ContractorNo
Emelody Worldwide, Inc.www.emelodyworldwide.comSmall VTOL R&DYes
Espey Mfg and Electronics Corp.
PC Krause and Associates, Inc.
Rantec Power Systems, Inc.
Carson Helicopters, Inc. VTOL R&DYes
Ross Group Construction Corporation LLC Defense ContractorNo
Summit Technology Research Corp. Defense ContractorYes
Orange LLC Defense Contractor Yes
TTTech North America, Inc. Defense ContractorYes
Tektonux LLC Defense ContractorYes
ThayerMahan, Inc. Defense ContractorYes
CVX Instruments LLC
DS Government Solutions Corp. Defense ContractorYes
Improving Aviation LLC VTOL R&DYes
Precision Products, Inc.https://ppiparts.comOther Defense ContractorYes
Hutchinson Aerospace and Industry, Inc.
Epiq Design Solutions LLCOther Defense ContractorYes
HEBI Robotics, Inc. Defense ContractorYes
Thomas & Skinner, Inc.
Optimization Technologies, Inc. dba OptTek Systems, Inc. Defense ContractorYes
DDC-I, Inc. https://www.ddci.comSupplierYes
ANDRO Computational Solutions LLC Defense ContractorYes
Roush Industries, Inc. Defense ContractorYes
Airtronics LLC
VX Aerospace Corp.
Censys Technologies Corp. VTOL R&DYes
L3Harris Technologies, Inc., Harris Defense Communications
GIRD Systems, Inc. https://www.girdsystems.comOther Defense ContractorYes
American Additive Manufacturing LLC
Odyssey Systems Consulting Group Ltdhttps://odysseyconsult.comOther Defense ContractorYes
ICAT Logistics, Inc. Defense ContractorYes
Sintavia LLC VTOL R&DNo