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The 6 Elements of the Future Vertical Lift Strategy
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VLC Ready to Support the DoD Future Vertical Lift Strategy

Jose Gonzalez, Deputy Director, Land Warfare and Munitions in the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics, (OASD(A)) (S&TS) distributed a business card highlighting the six elements of the Future Vertical Lift Strategy at the Future Vertical Lift Executive Steering Group Meeting in June. One of the six key elements was industry partnership/interaction through the Vertical Lift Consortium. The other five elements included: Decision Point – Based Plan of Execution, Early Joint Requirements Development, S&T Plan that aligns with Technology Development with Milestone Decision Options, Multi-Role Family of Aircraft, and Common Systems and Open Architecture. The Vertical Lift Consortium looks forward to supporting the Department of Defense in executing the Future Vertical Lift Strategy.