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United Rotorcraft (A Division of Air Methods Corporation)


United Rotorcraft, UR, (A Division of Air Methods Corporation) is a world class manufacturer, Maintenance & Repair Facility (MRO), FAA aircraft systems integrator and sustainer of aircraft fleets. UR has 23 years of experience in engineering, design, certification, production, avionics integration and are specialists with cockpit and cabin interior fabrication. UR has designed, qualified, manufactured and delivered over 900 patient loading systems to the U.S. Army for use in MEDEVAC helicopters and ground vehicles. UR has designed, certified, manufactured and fully integrated over 500 commercial air ambulance interiors currently servicing the AMC fleet of 450 HEMS aircraft.

Applied Decision Science, LLC

Other Contractor

Applied Decision Science, LLC (ADS) is a research and development company focused on supporting human cognition in environments that are characterized by high stakes, high time pressure and/or high complexity. Frequently these are environments where mistakes can result in the loss of human life or in outsize financial or materiel costs. ADS uses methods from cognitive systems engineering to develop decision support tools, training programs and work-process redesign services to support and to improve decision-making. The company primarily provides its services in military and health care environments. ADS currently has a contract sponsored by Army’s AMRDEC/ADD to develop an “Optimally Crewed Vehicle” strategy for Future Vertical Lift for identifying optimal crewing configuration.

Jovian Software Consulting

Other Contractor

Jovian Software Consulting is focused on helping our clients build knowledge and expertise in embedded software and systems to design and develop the next generation products for Military and Civil Aviation. Our team has over 30+ years of combined experience in development of complex systems and software in Aviation and Automotive Industry. Our team members are involved in cutting edge research in technology space related to systems and software. Our capabilities include: System and Software Architecture, Model Based Engineering, Systems Software Integration, Safety Certification and Analysis, R&D in Future Technologies Formal Reuse and Product Line Engineering, Full Lifecycle Product Development of Complex Systems.