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VLC New Membership Profiles

Company Name Membership Class Brief Description

Galois, Inc.

Small VTOL

Galois specializes in the safety, security, and reliability of critical hardware and software systems where failure is unacceptable. Galois provides revolutionary positive impact to government and commercial clients via basic research, applied research, development and consulting. They develop custom solutions that meet our clients’ needs for high assurance systems.

Composite Engineering, Inc. (CEi)

Other Contractor

CEi, a Kratos company, is a leading supplier of target drones and advance combat UAVs to US DoD and nations throughout the world.. CEi has a history of innovating in new market domains and has designed, developed and produced high-speed/highly maneuverable target drones and UAVs (high-transonic and supersonic) that are very low-cost. CEi intends to use its knowledge in command & control, aircraft design, GN&C in the development of low-cost Vertical Lift UAVs. CEi, currently has multiple contracts for Unmanned vehicles with all branches of the US DoD.

CyPhy Works, Inc.

Small VTOL

CyPhy Works is the leading persistent drone company. CyPhy is a robotics company that develops the Persistent Aerial Reconnaissance and Communications platform, also known as PARC, a drone technology that has opened the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) market. Our UAVs are used for public safety and security, oil and gas, telecommunications, mining and construction and defense industries, enabling clients to get aerial images of landscapes that are inaccessible from the ground. By providing stable, secure, long-duration, autonomous flight, PARC allows customers to focus on the mission, rather than on controlling the UAV. Our patented microfilament tethered system provides secure communication and ensures continuous flight, lasting for days, rather than the standard minutes of most battery-powered UAVs.

SI2 Technologies


SI2 Technologies, Inc. is a small business specializing in contract R&D, custom antenna, sensors, and array design; flexible hybrid electronics, flexible ultracapacitor, RF signature control, AM, and multifunctional structures.



Skayl is a provider of unparalleled, powerful and scalable systems-of-systems integration solutions including licensed integration tools, services and training in support of the US vertical lift aircraft and technologies manufacturing sectors. Skayl has worked with a number of teams from NAVAIR, NAVSEA, Army, Air Force, and several Tier I and Tier II US DoD contractors. In addition, Skayl principals have been supporting the FACE Consortium for nearly five years. We have been instrumental in shaping the discussion in the Data Architecture Working Group and are recognized as thought leaders in this realm of data architecture. Skayl has recently been selected to be considered for a DoN Phase II SBIR, “FACE Transport Protocol Mediation and Integration.”