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VLC Membership

The VLC is a membership corporation. Members must meet the qualifications for membership set forth in the Bylaws and be approved for acceptance into VLC membership as provided therein.

Membership Eligibility:

The VLC has an open membership policy. Any legally constituted not-for-profit or for-profit entity (including any corporation, partnership, limited liability company, proprietorship, or academic or research and development organization) shall be eligible to be a member of the Corporation if such entity meets the following requirements:

Membership Class Information:

Class Description
Large Domestic OEM Must have: (1) had at least $1 billion in vertical lift-related sales to the U.S. military duringĀ  most recent fiscal year; (2) employ at least 500 engineers engaged in vertical lift-related research and development in the United States; and (3) have design authority for vertical lift aircraft.
Large Traditional Must have at least $250 million in vertical lift-related sales to the U.S. military during most recent fiscal year.
Supplier Must (1) produce or integrate equipment for vertical lift aircraft and technologies manufactured within the United States or (2) design and supply materials or products, perform systems integration, or provide other services or support for use in the vertical lift aircraft and technologies manufacturing process in the United States.
Academic & Non-Profit Must be either (1) a U.S. university or (2) a U.S. nonprofit organization active in vertical lift research.
Small VTOL R&D Must be a for-profit entity that is significantly involved in active research for vertical lift production, flight characteristics, performance, equipment, engines, avionics, transmissions, or related materials, or provides other services or support, for vertical lift aircraft and technologies manufactured within the U.S.
Engine Must produce engines for vertical lift aircraft manufactured in the U.S.
Other Contractor Membership Category for those who do not identify with one of the other Membership Categories


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